Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

V of 40M (@vof40m) – “Way Back” (Audio)

XLM+ presents V of 40M’s new track “Way Back” produced by “drill” super-producer Saint Cardona, “Way Back” takes revolutionary rap to a whole new level. You’ve never heard “conscious hip hop” like this before. Uncompromising truth with a crazy bop to match, “Way Back” takes us on a ride through history – complete with dangerous punchlines, a catchy hook and an infectious bounce to remember. Since debuting last year, V has been featured by countless underground platforms in and around the Hype Machine index. He’s also amassed close to a million collective streams along the way, garnering quite a bit of buzz within the Indie music world. This latest release is on pace to do even bigger numbers as V sets the stage for his upcoming mixtape scheduled for the first of 2022.

Twitter: @vof40m (https://twitter.com/vof40m)


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