Thursday, March 30th, 2023

New Music: Archangel (@Man1stArtist2nd) – “VI” (Audio)

Memphis has been on fire for years but the recent years have been something exciting for the industry. Giving the world a gang of hit records and major industry heavyweights like Dolph, MoneyBagg and Blac Youngsta it’s clear that Memphis is a different breed and has the world’s attention. It makes perfect sense why Archangel’s new song “VI” has been gaining so much traction and receiving the love that it has so far. Archangel is smart, he made a dope ass anthem for a city that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Memphis, Tennessee is his home and he is giving the outside world a glimpse into it. Push play and go on a journey with Archangel. If you love hard-hitting, deep low end beats with funky ass strings, topped with that M-Town bounce full of bars then this ones for you.

Twitter: @Man1stArtist2nd (

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