Friday, May 27th, 2022

Jack Harlow Receives His Own Day in Louisville, Kentucky

Jack Harlow honored in his hometown Louisville, Kentucky. December 13th is now Jack Harlow day after he announced his award via instagram this morning. Jack left no caption under the post but its safe to assume this is something he is very proud of. The award is meant to honor his achievements as a fast rising music artist.

“The City of Louisville honors Jack Harlow for answering, once and for all, that what’s poppin’ is Louisville when it comes to talent that makes it bigger than big, but doesn’t forget the ‘home’ in hometown or homegrown,” the letter reads. “The rapper’s way with words and beats has earned him untold fans, chart-topping releases and an ability to give back in meaningful ways, and he does.” Congratulations to this artist.

“Our city is excited and proud to observe December 18, 2021 as Jack Harlow Day in Louisville.”

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