Thursday, March 30th, 2023

Exclusive: Arizona’s NexxDaKiid

Arizona talent NexxDaKiid is eager to come up in music! We recently had a real, relevant and resonating conversation with him. Check it out here!


Tracy: How have you been since the year started? What has changed so far?

NexxDaKiid: I have been ascending since the year started. What has changed so far is my ability to navigate life and what comes with chasing my dreams.
Tracy: Can you talk to us about where you’re from and how you got started?
NexxDaKiid: I was born in Chicago but moved to Arizona at 12 years old. I started doing music after a studio session with my siblings father and he was a rapper in Denver when I was a kid.
Tracy: What was your upbringing like? How did it make you who you are today?
NexxDaKiid: I had a rough yet simple upbringing. We came from the south side of Chicago which has always been a murder part of the city. I remember eating syrup sandwiches as snacks cuz we didn’t have much. But when I was 6 my mother moved us to Denver to live with my siblings father (the man who took me to my first studio session) until I was 12 then we moved to Arizona. It gave me a better appreciation for life and all the small things we take for granted. Like food and shoes on our feet. Shit, even life itself is a blessing that can’t be taken for granted. I’m just getting back started after taking a year off to get myself back in track with everyday living.
Tracy: What are some highlights of your career so far?
NexxDaKiid: Some highlights are becoming a part of the underground scene in Arizona and meeting different Dj’s and artists. Also, I had a Dj named Dj belvedereselect hear my song and messaged me about putting it in rotation before I even really became grounded in this music game.
Tracy: What can you tell us about your latest release?
NexxDaKiid: I have released a few singles recently just to get my name out there. Most of them are upbeat and drill but they speak to those people who are about getting to the money and handling their business.
Tracy: What can we expect from you next?
NexxDaKiid: Next for me is my first EP. I can’t disclose the name yet because it’s still a work in progress but it will definitely be something a lot of people can relate to. Especially if you are always getting to the money!
Tracy: Who was the first person to tell you you’re good at this?
NexxDaKiid: Honestly the first person to tell me I’m good at this was my bros from Highschool Ty and RB. They always supported me since the beginning. They will also let me know if a song is trash or doesn’t sound good.
Tracy: Who did you want to prove it to?
NexxDaKiid: At first it was to prove to those that said I will never be anything. Now, I am proving it to myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to!
Tracy: In the beginning, how was your confidence?
NexxDaKiid:  In the beginning I lacked confidence because I felt like I wasn’t like everyone else or didn’t have the support others did. After a little while, I started realizing that my songs were better when I spoke the lyrics with confidence.
Tracy: How do you see your craft evolving?
NexxDaKiid: My craft is evolving in ways I didn’t expect before. I now have an easier time coming up with a whole song from chorus to both verses in a shorter amount of time. My stage presence is now more entertaining.
Tracy: What’s some real and resonating advice you want to give to those chasing their dreams?
NexxDaKiid: The advice I would give to anyone chasing their dreams is to always believe in yourself so you can accomplish your dreams. Don’t worry about what others may think, do or say. Do everything with confidence and trus that it will work out for you. Lastly, never quit because things are hard. Life is hard and yet, you still wake up everyday and have to continue living for you and yours.

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