Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

Cardi B Presented With Billboard’s Woman Of The Year Award By Breonna Taylor’s Mother

Cardi B was named Billboards Woman Of The Year and was featured on the cover of Billboards 2020 Woman Of the Year issue. This year she was presented the honor by the mother of the late Breonna Taylor, Tamika Palmer.  Breonna Taylor was killed by police earlier this year and Palmer praised Cardi for the support she’s given to her daughter’s cause.

“One of Breonna’s most outspoken advocates for justice over the last nine months has been Cardi B.” Palmer said during the speech. “From the start, Cardi has used her platform to spread the truth about what happened to Breonna and to re-affirm that Black women’s lives matter. Cardi B’s impact reaches far beyond music. That’s why I am so proud and honored to present Billboard’s Woman of the Year award to Miss Cardi B.” Tamika Palmer concluding her speech. 


“I’m just grateful and thankful that the song I actually did put out this year which was ‘WAP’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion, not only was it an amazing song that broke so many records, but it was a conversation that I never thought it was going to be so big,” Cardi continued. “It pissed off a whole bunch of Republicans for no reason. You know what I’m saying, it was just weird.” 

Congrats to Cardi B on her accomplishments. 

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